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The Leader's Choice

The Leader's Choice, it’s always an incredible feeling to receive a gift on occasion. And better still when there isn’t any! To make every celebration timeless or even surprise your loved ones with a much-deserved indulgence, the The Leader's Choice lives up to its name. The Leader's Choice box includes :Any book(as per your preference), Chocolates, Black Pepper Cashew Nuts, Peri Peri Almonds and Hershey's Kisses How big is it : 9.5x11.5 inches What is it made of : Wood  What’s inside : Any book(as per your preference), Chocolates, Hershey's Kisses, Black Pepper Cashew Nuts and Peri Peri Almonds. What will you require from me: A letter and text Additional Details: Once your order is placed someone from the team will get in touch with...

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